Your phone, your webcam

iVCam is a free app that turns your smartphone into a high-quality webcam for your computer. Basically, it lets you ditch the clunky USB webcam and use your phone's better camera for video calls, streaming, and more!


Get to know the latest Features of iVCam

Unlock limitless possibilities with iVCam, the innovative app that turns your smartphone into a versatile webcam for your PC. Experience crystal-clear video calls, seamless live streaming, and effortless video recording—all with the exceptional quality of your phone's camera.

High-Definition Video

Crystal-Clear Video, Every Time

Enjoy exceptional video quality with iVCam, supporting resolutions up to 4K. Experience smooth, lag-free video even in low-light conditions, thanks to iVCam's advanced image processing.

Effortless Wireless Connection

Seamless Wi-Fi or USB Connection

Connect your phone to your PC wirelessly via Wi-Fi or directly through USB for added flexibility. iVCam automatically handles the connection, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Unleash Your Creativity

Multiple Camera Support

Tap into your phone's multiple cameras to switch between front and rear views, wide-angle lenses, or telephoto zoom for dynamic perspectives during video calls or live streams.

Professional-Grade Customization

Advanced Camera Controls

Take full control of your video experience with iVCam's extensive settings. Adjust exposure, focus, white balance, zoom, and more to achieve the perfect look for every situation.

AI-Powered Background Blur

Background Removal for Enhanced Focus

Keep the attention on you by effortlessly blurring or replacing your background with iVCam's intelligent background removal feature.

Versatile Audio Options

Integrated Audio Support

Choose between using your phone's microphone for clear audio capture or opt for your PC's microphone for added flexibility.

Perfect for All Your Needs

Compatible with Popular Apps

Seamlessly integrate iVCam with your favorite video conferencing platforms, live streaming software, and video recording tools for limitless possibilities.

Enhance Your Productivity

Multi-Device Connection

Connect multiple phones to your PC simultaneously to create unique video setups for tutorials, presentations, or creative projects.

Key Features

Some Key Features of iVCam

Elevate your video calls, streams, and recordings with iVCam, a versatile app that seamlessly connects your phone's camera to your PC. Experience exceptional clarity, effortless setup, and a range of customizable features that put you in control of your visual content. Key Features That Put You in the Spotlight:

Harness the Power of Your Phone's Camera

Experience high-definition video up to 4K resolution, surpassing the quality of most traditional webcams.

Sharp and Smooth, Even in Low Light

iVCam's advanced technology optimizes video quality in various lighting conditions, ensuring clarity in every environment.

Say Goodbye to Cables

Connect your phone and PC wirelessly via Wi-Fi or USB for a clutter-free setup.

Instantly Ready to Go

iVCam establishes a seamless connection automatically, eliminating time-consuming manual adjustments.

Find Your Perfect Angle

Switch between front and rear cameras, adjust zoom levels, and experiment with different angles to achieve your desired framing.

Fine-Tune Focus and Exposure

Manually adjust focus, exposure, white balance, and other settings to achieve professional-looking results.

Enhance Your Appearance

Utilize iVCam's built-in face beautification feature for a natural, polished look.

Versatile Compatibility for Every Application

iVCam integrates seamlessly with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Teams, as well as streaming software and video recording tools.

Unlock a World of Possibilities

Use iVCam with any webcam-enabled application, expanding your creative potential.

Elevate Your Presentations

Effortlessly blur or replace your background with custom images or videos, creating a polished and distraction-free environment.

Add a Touch of Creativity

Engage your audience with dynamic visual effects that enhance your video content.

Record Directly to PC

Preserve videos directly to your computer's storage, conserving your phone's memory.

Multiple Device Connectivity

Connect multiple phones to a single PC for unique video setups and perspectives.

Background Audio Support (iOS)

Utilize your phone's microphone for clear audio capture.

Your phone, your webcam

iVCam is a free app that turns your smartphone into a high-quality webcam for your computer. Basically, it lets you ditch the clunky USB webcam and use your phone's better camera for video calls, streaming, and more!